When my son was born, as a new parent I had taken every precaution to baby proof my house, to protect my family, or at least I thought I had. That’s when my parents brought me a unique gift, an Airscrubber!

My dad has worked in the heating and air business for over 30 years and is the owner of Xtreme heating and Air. He handed me this box with the Airscrubber logo on it and said, “You need this.” I of course asked, “What is an Airscrubber?” That’s when he told me that it kills 99% of germs in the air, I said “that’s Awesome”, he added and on surfaces. I thought, even Better!

This led me to wonder why everyone didn’t know about this, or have one in their home. At that point, a dream was born, and for the next five years I researched The Airscrubber technology and surveyed the market, asking those I met if they had ever heard of it. The resounding answer was, “No, but I want one!” Now that dream has become a reality!

Xtreme Air Purification is here, with a goal and vision to provide clear air in every home and office across America!